Island Estates

Courtesy of the Island Estates Civic Association website

In 1964 a small group of residents of the original three islands had the foresight to organize the Island Estates Civic Association. Their primary purpose was to establish and maintain liaison with the developer and to provide social activities for Island Estate residents. As the islands grew and expanded, the Association also broadened its goals to include the maintenance and protection of the unique lifestyle of this community. Volunteer members of the board have worked tirelessly for the past 40 years to reach all of our objectives and effectively alter the course of achievement as situations change from time to time. From the beginning, our goals have been: Improved safety and property security

  • Improved contact with local government
  • A clearing house for matters of community concern and interest
  • Promoting an atmosphere which makes “neighbors” out of residents

Our objectives are:

  • To increase awareness
  • To examine issues
  • Facilitate exchange of information
  • To promote our interests
  • To assist and support our members