About Us

028A Cliff Roe 2014 copyClifford L. Roe

Cliff was a corporate executive responsible for consolidating the sales and marketing departments of thirty-six companies into a single unit for the world’s largest consumer products company. During this time Cliff participated in over $2B in commercial sales and $1.6B in mergers and acquisitions. Since 2010, Cliff has been the number one agent in Tampa Bay in units listed and sold, averaging a closed transaction every thirty-one hours. Cliff has a Bachelor of Science in sales and marketing, with minors in economics, accounting and finance.





RebekahRebekah Z. Moorehead

Rebekah grew up in the real estate industry, working at her mother’s large real estate firm from the age of 13. She joined Roe Realty in 2008 and quickly rose to the level of office manager by creating systems and procedures to manage Cliff’s high volume business. She is now a partner. Rebekah has a Bachelor of Science in mathematics.






Cliff and Rebekah are Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialists. “Recognized as the mark of accomplishment in luxury markets around the world, the Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist (CLHMS) designation assures affluent buyers and sellers that the agents who have earned it have the knowledge, experience, competence, and confidence they require.luxury badge no background

Members of The Institute who hold the CLHMS designation have documented performance in the TOP 10% of their markets, and have successfully demonstrated their expertise in the luxury home and estate market.”